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Article: Guide to Community-Based Living

In-home Services

Table of Contents
  1. Individualized Planning
  2. Case Management Services
  3. Community-Based Programs for People with Disabilities and Elderly
  4. Inclusive Programs/Activities
  5. Personal Assistance
  6. Self Determination
  7. In-home Services
  8. Service Animals

The majority of in-home services are not specifically for the disabled or elderly. In-home services are really any service where someone comes to your home. There is usually a fee for these services although there are some volunteer organizations that may provide these services for free. As more and more people with disabilities are living, working, and active in their communities, more and more services are emerging.

You can use the Real Choices "Search Tool" to help you find specific registered service providers in your area. You can specify or search for the type of service you are looking for. It will generate a list of organizations in your neighborhood.

National Association of Homecare and Hospice
The National Association of Homecare and Hospice is committed to providing information on homecare and hospice. You will find national policy and legislative information focusing on healthcare issues on their site.

NAHC Legislative Blueprint for Action
This site has a fact sheet on home care, including a history of home health legislation.

Last Updated on 10/23/2015