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Article: Guide to Community-Based Living

Case Management Services

Table of Contents
  1. Individualized Planning
  2. Case Management Services
  3. Community-Based Programs for People with Disabilities and Elderly
  4. Inclusive Programs/Activities
  5. Personal Assistance
  6. Self Determination
  7. In-home Services
  8. Service Animals

A case manager is a person who helps in the planning and delivery of services for people with aging and dependency issues. They are knowledgeable in the areas of disability or long term care support services. They also have experience helping people with disabilities and/or the elderly. A case manager may work for state or local government agencies or for non-profit organizations or hospitals. Many case managers work with large organizations and have several resources available to them.

Some individuals may not feel comfortable sharing their private lives with a case manager. However case managers are usually aware of this and are careful to respect one's wishes. The questions asked by caregivers are to help individuals find the services or supports that are designed to make life easier for them. If the services required to support the individual are unavailable, the case manager will advocate for the individual or look for ways to develop the supports needed. The case manager may also suggest alternative services that are available.

As with any relationship, the relationship with a case manager should be a good fit. Anyone who is not comfortable with his or her case manager can request a different one. Remember that the case manager is there to help.

Center for Case Management
The Center for Case Management is an international organization providing certification, consultation, and resources for case managers. It includes a membership area for professionals who wish to join a discussion on current issues.

Case Management Society of America
The Case Management Society of America is an international organization dedicated to improving and developing supports and resources for case managers around the world. The organization also hosts conferences and provides networking opportunities for case managers. There is a fee for membership.

American Case Management Association
The American Case Management Association is dedicated to supporting hospitals and health care organizations in providing quality case management. Organizational, individual, and student memberships are available for a fee.

Commission for Case Management Certification
The Commission for Case Management Certification offers a nationally recognized certification program.

Last Updated on 10/23/2015