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Article: Guide to Recreation


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Travel Advice
Travel Rights:   See Guide to Civil Rights: Transportation Rights
Traveling with a Medical Condition
Travel Agencies

Traveling opportunities for people with disabilities are endless. With extra planning and the availability of special services, traveling can be a rewarding and therapeutic experience. There are numerous companies that cater specifically to disabled travelers. They offer organized tours, accessible van rentals, and companion travelers with medical expertise. Within this section you will also find information and links related to services for persons with disabilities. Listed below are sites that encompass all aspects of travel for an individual with disabilities.

Accessible Travel Resources
This site contains transportation, travel rights, and lodging information for the traveler who is disabled.

Accessible Journeys
This site specializes in programs and services for individuals who are slow walkers, travelers who use a wheelchair, their families and friends.

The Boulevard
The Boulevard website provides information and links that connect you to accessible van rentals, lodging and city guides, recreational opportunities and travel aids.

Access-able Travel Source
This site provides information about accessible holiday and vacation travel for mature travelers and travelers with special needs.


Many hotels offer fully accessible rooms for travelers with disabilities. However, that is only one option for travelers who are disabled. There are also programs in which home trades are possible between those who need special accommodations. Time-share condo opportunities are also an option for travelers with special needs. Below you will find links to connect you with information regarding all of these lodging options.

Accessible Home Vacation Exchange
Accessible Vacation Home Exchange is a free, online resource for persons with extensive disabilities. Browse through a list of homes posted by individuals that are interested in a home exchange. You may also post your own listing. The website is hosted by the Institute on Independent Living.

Wheelchair Accessible Resorts
This site is written by a wheelchair traveller and details the attractions she has been to and researched.

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Travel Advice

This section contains valuable advice and tips from travel experts and those who have first-hand experience with traveling with a disability. You will find helpful tips on safety, traveling with a wheelchair, and disability rights when traveling. Also included in this section are online magazines that feature articles on traveling with a disability.

Medical Travel, Inc. - Handicap Cruise Vacations
The Disability Travel Experts - Medical Travel, Inc. is a travel agency that provides vacation planning for people with special medical needs.

World On Wheels
Editors and readers of this site report on a destination's accessibility as well as its appeal for those travelers who use a wheelchair.

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality
SATH is an educational organization that has actively represented travelers with disabilities since 1976. The mission of SATH is to promote awareness, respect, and accessibility for disabled and mature travelers.

Travel Tips for Older Americans
The U.S. Passports and International Travel website offers travel advice on safe traveling for older Americans.

Emerging Horizons
This quarterly online publication focuses on travel needs for individuals who use a wheelchair and others with mobility impairments.

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Traveling with a Medical Condition

Traveling with a medical condition can be a challenge. However, it is a possibility with some additional planning. One of the first things you should do is to see your physician as early as possible before traveling to discuss the risks that may be involved. You should also discuss medications or medical devices you may need. Some services, as listed below, exist worldwide for those who need assistance when traveling.

Global Dialysis
Global Dialysis is a resource for dialysis patients who want to travel nationally and internationally. The website provides a list of dialysis centers around the world.

Breathing Easy - 24 Tips
This site provides information on what to do when traveling with oxygen.

Travel Agencies

There are many people and agencies that specialize in disability accommodations. They can assist you with your travel needs throughout the U.S. If you are traveling alone and need assistance, there are agencies that will match you with a travel care companion. Below are links to companies that provide these services.

Access Aloha Travel
Access Aloha Travel is a full service travel agency. It specializes in personal, business and convention travel for people with disabilities and provides information on accessible transportation, hotels, cruises and tours.


Last Updated on 10/31/2017