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Article: Guide to Recreation


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Sports Equipment
Therapeutic Recreation


Since the end of World War II, sports have become a prominent recreational activity for individuals who are disabled. There are also many sports organizations that have been formed due to the large numbers of wounded soldiers who have permanent disabilities. Because of these organizations, there are thousands of individuals with disabilities who now have the opportunity to participate in both professional and leisurely sports activities. Go to their websites for more detailed information.

International Paralympic Committee
The International Paralympic Committee is the international representative organization of elite sports for athletes with disabilities.

Special Olympics International
Special Olympics International is an international organization helping individuals with cognitive disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of the community. This is accomplished through sports training and participation in competitive events. This organization provides year-round training and competition for both children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Palaestra Magazine
The Palaestra Magazine provides information on sports, physical education, and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The magazine is helpful for parents of individuals with disabilities as well as for professionals in the field of adapted physical activity.

USA Deaf Sports Federation
This website contains information about competitive opportunities for athletes who are deaf.

 Adaptive Sports USA
Wheelchair Sports USA is an internationally recognized sports organization directed and developed by wheelchair athletes.

US Association of Blind Athletes
The mission of the United States Association of Blind Athletes is to increase the number of athletic events for Americans who are blind or visually impaired. The organization also strives to improve the quality of world-class athletic opportunities enabling those who are blind or visually impaired to demonstrate their abilities.

Sports N' Spokes Magazine
This website offers an extensive list of resources for people with disabilities. They also provide a short description of articles that are published in the Sports N' Spokes magazine. These articles are available for a fee.

Adaptive Sports Association
The Adaptive Sports Association provides both summer and winter sports for individuals with disabilities through the use of state-of-the-art adaptive equipment. On their site you will find information about their programs, scholarships, and special events.

National Wheelchair Basketball Association
The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is the national governing body of wheelchair basketball. It is the nation's oldest and largest sport organization and provides persons with permanent lower limb disabilities the opportunity to play and compete in wheelchair basketball.

United States Quad Rugby Association
The United States Quad Rugby Association supports local chapters of quad rugby teams. Their website contains rugby game rules, newsletters, and other resources. There is also a chat room to discuss this sport with other rugby enthusiasts.

Paralyzed Veterans of America Sports and Recreation Program
This site has information about wheelchair games, trapshooting for individuals with disabilities, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair bowling, and more.

Disabled Sports USA
Disabled Sports USA offers national sports programs to individuals with permanent physical disability.

Sports Equipment

Different sports equipment can be adapted to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in a variety of sports. Listed below is a resource to find such equipment.

Adaptive Sports/Recreation Equipment Resources
This site contains a list of websites offering information on adaptive sports and recreational equipment.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation is when trained and certified recreational therapists use leisure activities as a form of treatment. This treatment can be for individuals with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities. The aim of therapeutic recreation is to assist individuals develop greater independence through voluntary and expressive activities.

Therapeutic Recreation Society
The National Therapeutic Recreation Society (NTRS) is a membership organization for those interested in therapeutic recreation services for persons with disabilities in clinical facilities and in the community.

Therapeutic Recreation Directory
This site provides resources for therapeutic recreation professionals. It contains a therapeutic recreation job bulletin, internship listing, activity and treatment resources, recreational therapy news, chat room, bulletin boards and surveys for recreation therapists and activity directors.

Disabled Sports USA
Disabled Sports USA, was established by disabled Vietnam veterans in 1967, to serve those injured in the war. This organization now offers nationwide sports rehabilitation programs for anyone with a permanent physical disability.

Last Updated on 10/31/2017