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Article: Guide to Recreation


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Play is an important activity in a child's developmental years. Through play a child learns social skills and the ability to control and interact with his or her surroundings. The toys that a child plays with should also be chosen based on a child's age and skill level. For children with special needs there are toys that are adapted to help them to more fully access the wonderful world of play. Below are links to websites that feature adaptive toys. Some websites have articles that can help you to choose the right toy for a child who is disabled.

Wisconsin First Step
The Wisconsin First Step, website provides information and referral service for parents who have a child with special needs. The site offers an extensive list of toy catalogs and resources for children with disabilities.

Child's Play - Toys for Children with Disabilities
This in-depth article contains information on how to find toys that are best suited for your disabled child. Along with those tips, the article provides ideas on how to adapt already existing toys for educational play and therapy.

Choosing the Right Toy for Special Needs Children
This article features a list of things to look for when purchasing toys for children with disabilities.


The popular world of computer games is now accessible to people with disabilities. Many games are designed with the blind and low-vision community in mind. Listed below are links to different computer games that can be purchased and played directly on the Internet. Some games even allow for international competition with people from other countries.

ESP Softworks
As a forefront developer of accessible games for the blind, ESP Softworks takes pride in delivering entertainment for computer users.

PCS Games
PCS Games has been designing games for the visually impaired and blind user for almost ten years.

Last Updated on 10/31/2017